AJAC Volume 1 Issue 1

ISSN: 2368-1209

DOI: 10.15868

Published By: AST Publishers

AJAC Volume 1 Issue 1

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Papers in Volume 1 Issue 1

An Efficient Technique for Finding Longest Common Subsequence of DNA Sequences
Tamal Chakrabarti and Devadatta Sinha
PP. 5-9

A Comparative Study of Different Techniques for Prime Testing in Implementation of RSA
Kumarjit Banerjee, Satyendra Nath Mandal and Sanjoy Kumar Das
PP. 10-15

Coordinate based Routing Protocol for Mobile Networks: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
Paulami Dey andParag Kumar Guha Thakurata
PP. 16-20

A Novel and Flexible Criterion to Improve Data Transmission in Clustering Protocols in WSNs
Mohsen Ataei and Esmaeil Zeinali Kh.
PP. 21-25

Robust Synchronization of Duffing System Using Integral Action in Backstepping Design
Shubhobrata Rudra, Ranjit Barai, Madhubanti Maitra, Rupam Dewan, Paramita Mandal,
Dharmadas Mandal and Kishore Kumar Kowdiki.
PP. 26-29

Detection of Intruders and Flooding in VoIP using IDS, Jacobson Fast and Hellinger Distance Algorithms
Rahul Ari, Suresh Kumar and Prashanth S.K.
PP. 30-35

Defect Segmentation of Fruits using K-means Clustering Technique
Shiv Ram Dubey, Nishant Singh, Jay Prakash Gupta and Pushkar Dixit
PP. 36-40

A Mathematical Model of Blood Flow in a Catheterized artery with Multiple Stenoses
Biswadip Basu Mallik and Dr.Saktipada Nanda
PP. 41-45

A Computer Vision Framework for Automated Shape Retrieval
Sourav Saha, Sahibjot Kaur, Jayanta Basak and Priya Ranjan Sinha Mahapatra
PP. 46-57

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