AJAC Volume 1 Issue 4

ISSN: 2368-1209

DOI: 10.15868

Published By: AST Publishers

AJAC Volume 1 Issue 4

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Papers in Volume 1 Issue 4

An Efficient (t; n) Threshold Secret Image Sharing Scheme Based on Thien-Lin Secret Image Sharing
Amitava Nag, Arup Kumar Chattopadhyay and Paramita Maitra
PP. 1-4

A Computer Vision based Framework for Detecting Potholes on Asphalt-Road using Machine Learning Approach
Abhishek Das and Sourav Saha
PP. 5-9

Li-Fi Synchronicity towards 5 G: concepts, challenges and opportunities
Shilpi Sharma
PP. 10-17

A Review on Handwritten Digit Recognition Techniques
Suraj Ray and Siddharth Chand Ramola
PP. 18-20

Clustering techniques and their applications: A Review
Arjun Dutta
PP. 21-27

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