AJAC Volume 2 Issue 1

ISSN: 2368-1209

DOI: 10.15868

Published By: AST Publishers

AJAC Volume 2 Issue 1

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Papers in Volume 2 Issue 1

Cyber War Fare Defence Technologies
Sourav Paul
PP. 1-11

A Shapley Value based Approach to Market Basket Analysis
Rahul Lakhotia and Pratibha Goenka
PP. 12-16

A Study on Pollution Prediction and Prevention using IoT and Machine Learning
Shamik Kumar Roy and Sahitya Mondal
PP. 17-22

Predicting the Authenticity of Banknotes Using Supervised Learning
Priyam Guha, Abhishek Mukherjee and Abhishek Verma
PP. 23-26

A Survey on Cloud-Denial of Service
Bibek Naha, Siddhartha Banerjee and Sayanti Mondal
PP. 27-31

Eradication Of Thalassemia By X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy & DNA Spectral Analysis
Annesha Nayak
PP. 32-37

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